Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Just Another Day Designs

Notes from the Artist:
I have been selling on etsy since January 2006. I actually started selling jewelry since I really like to metalsmith but after a while I decided to list some of the stationery that I make and it seemed to sell really well. When that took off, I pretty much didn't have time to sell jewelry anymore! I really started to feel passionate about designing stationery and have not looked back since.

People always ask how I come up with new designs and what inspires me, I just tell them everything inspires me! When you drive down the street, just any plain old street, look around, you can see all the different shapes and typography on signs, the patterns the roads, buildings and earth make. Really inspiring stuff! I also love to look through old vintage books and ads, I am kind of obsessed with the 20s &30s era and it is slowly but surely seeping into my design work.

(Red Poppy Notecards are 5.5"x4.25" and printed on Neenah Paper. Set of 6.)

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