Thursday, June 7, 2007

Feature: Colespic

Notes from the Artist:
The concept for this card was originally conceived a good ten years ago when I heard a story about Princess Diana having silly caricatures made of people she was annoyed with. Each time she passed she would laugh and feel better. True or not--I banked this idea as a good one. In a time of anger or disappointment it does help to put something up in your environment to change angry feelings into laughter. As the technological craze thrusts society into a more withdrawn one, I find people desiring all the more to be involved with their card giving-- interacting if you will-- to make a very personal and tangible connection with a loved one. Thus I started colespic–the clever card. colespic cards are clever, unique, current, artistic, interactive, and, are ever changing-- so bookmark my site and check it often!

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