Join EtsyGreetings

Thanks so much for your interest in our team.

EtsyGreetings is a team devoted to the promotion of handmade greeting cards. We have very few application requirements:

1) Members need to have at least 2 months of active selling experience on Etsy. We count the start date of your selling experience as the first day you listed a greeting card in your shop.
2) Members must have greeting cards make up at least 20% of their shop listings.
3) Members must sign-up for and participate in our team listserv at google groups. This listserv generates about 20 messages per day and members are required to receive them in their email inbox.

PLEASE make sure you meet these requirements before you apply to our team.

We require all team members to:
1) Participate in our listserv discussions at least once per month, and
2) Participate in at least one team event per calendar year

To join our team, please go to our Etsy Teams Page and request membership to our team.

Your participation is critical to our success. Please only join our team if you have enthusiasm for what we do and time to be a participating member. To get an idea of what we are up to, please take a look around our blog!

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