Friday, July 6, 2007

Feature: Angeline Petalfoot

Notes from the Artist:
If this card was a human, I would want to be her friend. She’d be effortlessly stylish, composed, & ecclectic. She’d know all the best new bands, and would go to see the ones she is passionate about. She’d be from Sweeden & giggle that scandanavian prints are “all the rage” ‘cuz her grandma had been embroidering them into her hemlines for years.
Her name would be ‘Sassa’.

My paper products here at the ‘Angeline Petalfoot Studio’ (a.k.a. my kitchen) are always designed with someone in mind. I find that it helps to personify a design or print - it really comes to life for me, and I know there is someone in this world who will love it. Sometimes my designs personify a friend or family member of mine, or like this print, it’s a made up friend. I don’t think one can ever be too old for imaginary friends. :)


Jen said...

The abstractness of the design is very intriguing. Nicely done!

art4friends said...

what a lovely blog
how do i become a member?!?!