Friday, July 13, 2007

Feature: time2cre8

Notes from the Artist:
I love to create all sorts of things, and I've recently become obsessed with paper and cards. While I create a lot of my own artwork, I fell in love with some vintage images I found that depict all sorts of different (and some very strange) animals in very detailed renderings. When I found the image of a raven I couldn't resist making little notecards using this black bird, as I've always been a fan of Edgar Allen Poe. Now I've begun making large cards featuring these 'Captioned Critters' of mine. The raven was the first of many critters to be featured, and I'm constantly finding new ones, so keep your eyes peeled. Don't you wish you knew what critters were saying and thinking? :-)

1 comment:

katydiddy said...

How fun to be able to give the crow dialog! Really original!