Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Feature: ValerieCards

Notes from the Artist:
Flowers never fail to make me smile. And I hope to spread this joy with people around me or even people from afar through cards. I named this card ‘Whirlwind Flowers’ because the flowers in this card appear to be moving with the wind and spreading joy to others. I have cut out these flowers by hand and made them appear 3-D.

When you step into my shop, you will see a colourful world. I love to make bright and colourful looking cards and gift tags. To me, a colourful world represents a hopeful one. Since I have started making my first card years back, the passion never ceased. Also, I see it as a sharing when I am given the opportunity to do custom orders. I have yet to have the chance, so I certainly hope to see one coming soon. Thank You.

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