Sunday, September 2, 2007

Postcard Lady

Notes from the Artist:
This is one of my favorite cards. Each card I make is a little different as I do not use patterns, so even if I remake one , it will not be exactly the same. I am going to also send one of my little wall quilts url. I just start from scratch on those and I am never sure what will come out. I love doing small quitled art. I have a hard time sending these urls so that is why I am doing 2 replies. I work part time 4 days a week, keep my great grandaughter a few days, and have a standing art project I do in the winter (first Sat of the month in Dunedin) Called Art on Broadway. I am doing a few draft shows this winter also and Auntie Frannie and I will join forces on 3. It should be fun.

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