Sunday, September 23, 2007

sparklepants industries

Notes from the Artist:
in a world of emails and evites, i decided to start a papergoods company. hmmmf, go figure. most of my items have some sort of re-used elements in them... my giant box of scraps is my first go-to place, while my business cards are made of paint chips from home depot. (not to mention all the old books i cut up to use). so i do really, really try to re-use anything i have lying around.

this card however, is my take on recycling... no better way than to actually re-use the card itself! it's 10 thank you notes in 1!!! it has a mini pad of paper on the inside for you to write your message on. when the recipient receives it, they should save it. then, when they need to send a thank you note, they tear off your message and write their own on the next sheet. each sheet has a hand drawn drawing as well as each envelope, to match the front of the card.

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