Saturday, November 10, 2007

shadowbox dreams

Notes from the Artist:
it was a lazy sunday sunday afternoon as i walk along lincoln square - a little village just outside of downtown chicago. I pass by an antique shop that looked small and cramped from the outside but as i walk in i see a wonderland of extraordinary vintage items. tea cups from the new england states, chandaliers from chicago's historical hotels, attire from world war2 era, photographs of the 60's teenie boppers, and not to mention rustic christmas papers. i was inspired by the elegance and shabbiness of these materials, which in turn created whimsical holiday cards for you to enjoy.


sajith90 said...

Very good cards. The design is superior and cute


*christie* said...

I love these, the colors and so cheerful.

pionsiso said...

nice and neat...i like it!! worth the time....just perfect...keep up the good work!!!