Saturday, December 22, 2007

time2cre8 (MaryLou's Art [Ad]Venture)

Notes from the Artist:
I'm a huge fan of vintage illustrations. The intricacy of the artwork, almost always something that was created in pen/pencil and ink, is astounding. I created a line of cards using these images, combined with my own slightly sarcastic comments, and called them Understated Greetings. This card, featuring a vintage illustration of a typewriter, is a reminder that we don't write often enough!
In addition to the Understated Greetings, I use vintage illustrations of animals to create Captioned Critters greeting cards and mini cards. Each Captioned Critter is saying or thinking something, but it's up to the sender of the card to figure out just what his or her critter has on its mind. Have a favorite critter? I have such fun creating these, and some of my best critters have been suggested by customers.

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