Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Quirky 'n' Berkeley

Notes from the Artist:
Everyone's displaying their holiday cards just about now, but I love
this card and wanted you to have a chance to see it up close. It's
one of my favorite designs, and I love to make custom orders for it.
It makes a great, cheerful gift set. Just send me a note and I'll be
happy to make some up just for you. I also make this card design with
a tulip and an iris. Remember, even though it's cold today, Spring is
really just around the corner.

And here's a little about me:
I love working with paper and ink and scissors. All of my cards are
made individually. It gives me a great sense of delight to know that
my cards have been bought and sent out to people all over the world.
It gives me a feeling of connectedness that really makes my day.

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