Sunday, February 17, 2008


Notes from Artist:
about this card:
This card is one in a set of 4 notecards for and about women. I did them in a very subtle mood colored with blacks, creams, and pale, soft oranges. Buttons, ribbon, feathers and a rhinestone heart enhance the mood. This is a great set for those woman-to-woman notes or the whole set would make a great gift for someone!

about the artist:
I love the idea of taking time to actually pick out a card for someone and then to write your own message to them inside, so I leave the inside of most of my cards blank for that very personal message you want to send the receiver.

My cards and notecards are basically three kinds, and I really enjoy making each kind. First, I love photography, so photographic cards are a natural for me, and I have many of those in my shop. Second, stamping and embellishing, is very fulfilling to my creative side. As I look over my papers and embellishments, each card begins to take shape for me. The third kind is actually the first cards I made to sell, and I've never tired of making them - hand stitched and hand embroidered button cards which usually feature flowers and maybe a butterfly or winged insect.

Please take time to browse in my shop and see my cards. They are one of the most fulfilling crafts I do.

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