Saturday, February 2, 2008

Invited Ink

Notes from the Artist:
How much fun would a scavenger hunts be with these
really cute note cards!?! Or a gift to someone you
heart!?! Or my very favorite, to make sure ever time
my love turns around on Valentines, he finds another
love note from me :o)

My name is Sally Ann and I am a letterpress printer
and designer. I own a small letterpress print & design
studio with my mother, Kathy. We like to joke that
paper is in our genes, my grandma & my greatgrandma
both worked for Zellerbach Paper Co.! I have loved
paper, well, forever. And even with working in the
printing industry for over 18 years, I still, LOVE

1 comment:

karinsgarden said...

Gorgeous work! I went to your Etsy shop, everything is just delicious! I can just feel the designs in the paper.