Friday, May 30, 2008

Lizard Press

Notes from the Artist:
Melissa is a graphic designer and has been teaching typography, graphic design, and book design for nearly a decade. Recently rediscovering the beauty of tones and textures of the letterpress, she opened Lizard Press Letterpress in San Francisco to indulge in her passion.

By combining vintage wood and lead typefaces with digital designs made into polymer plates, she prints each of her limited edition combinations on an old fashion vandercook V-4. Projects vary from rocking CD sleeves, inspiring broadsides, typographic greeting cards and intuitive artists books.

Her work has won awards and has been seen in galleries across the country. Melissa is currently inspired by signage, the sea, circles, wood type, recycling, trees, and peace. Be sure to stop in frequently to see what is new at Lizard Press!

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