Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Article: How to make an altered notebook

Physical Supplies:
Standard Spiral Notebook
Mod Podge
Paper trimmer
Patterned Paper
Brown scraper
Embellishments of choice

Prima Say it in crystals
Patterned paper ~ Minds eye

1. Pry apart the Spiral notebook and remove the front and back covers from the notebook.

2. Measure the patterned paper and trim so that it is 1” larger than the covers.

3. Apply Mod Podge to both the top and bottom covers in a thin layer.

4. Let dry completely

5. Cut out little holes for the binder to go through. Take your time in this step.

6. Then Reattach the covers. (Tip: Put the two covers decorated sides together first then visualize what side is the front and attach them as one)

7. Squeeze the rings back together

8. Flip covers so they are right sides out.

9. Embellish at will. ☺

written by our very own Rachel of CapturedTimeBooks

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Anonymous said...

It is really lovely, Rachel. No one could do it better! :)

XOHandworks said...

Well done and great photos!

miltonandmargies said...

So cute! I might have to try that:)

Chelsea said...

I am going to do that! I've always wondered how to do a good job with that, now I know!! Thank you!


Adore By Nat said...

I'm going to try this out. I always wondered about how to cover the whole page with a patterned paper while the spiral is in a way and was afraid to pry it apart. Apparently to reattach it is not that difficult. Thanks Rachel! Clear step by step instruction with great photos!

k.rowe said...

Can you imagine cutting out all of those little squares!!!?! Amazing ;) I have wondered about these notebooks too... Thanks for sharing!

I like, "Embellish at will."



Karin said...

Great tutorial. Is that a Pamper Chef scraper for the stone wear pans? I have two of those! I think one is going into my studio now! Great job Rachel.

Beth said...

Great job! I have always wondered how to do that. The journal turned out lovely. I think I see some Christmas gifts in my future!

Heather said...

Great tips! Thsnk you!

stephjacobson said...

Great tutorial! I'm making some of these for Christmas gifts for my nieces.