Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Feature

This week's featured artist is cardsbykatie.

1.Tell us about you and your shop.

My name is Katie and I created Cards by Katie in early April 2008. I also work part time at a library and attend college full time. When I’m not making cards I love to watch tennis, cook, go to movies, and spend time at home. I’m the sort of person who, when she comes up with an idea, dives in head first. In a way that is how Cards by Katie began. Now I’ve spent the past six months creating mounds of cards, learning so much about techniques, tools, and business – and I can’t wait to learn more! Cards by Katie has become my obsession and I’m so excited to see where it takes me.

2.How did you get started in your craft?

I have been making cards on and off for as long as I can remember. Over the years my style has evolved to what it is today, and I’m sure it will continue to do so. I remember when I was younger, my mom and I would sit next to each other at our craft table making cards in our basement. We put card making on hold for a few years to work on other things, but I’m so glad to have picked it up again!

3.What is your favorite material or tool?

Bubble marbling! I found the technique in a craft book that I checked out from my local library last April and have used it ever since. I just love to set up in my sink with bowls of bubble solution died to different colors, take my straw, blow, and then pop those bubbles with the white card – making it fill with color! The designs and patterns that the bubbles create are so unique and original – always better than I could have imagined.

4.Where do you get your design inspiration from?

While I get some inspiration from card books and expos, I find that most of my cards are made without prior contemplation. I just sit down at my craft area and pick out some key item I want to use – maybe I want to make a birthday card, or use purple ribbon, or a piece of bubble marbled paper. Whatever it is, I use that “item” as a launch pad and work off of it to create my cards.


Kelly said...

Great feature. Katie, I love your simple, pretty design aesthetic!

Debbie said...

Nice article Katie. Your work is very nice and I especially like your owl cards.

Chelsea said...

Great job, Katie! Love your cards and your shop!!

christina said...

Hooray for Katie! Your work is fantastic, and you're such a nice person too. Congrats on your success. Can't wait to see what you do in the future!

cardsbykatie said...

Thanks everyone - it means a lot!

(PS - the owl cards are my favorite too!)

Beth said...

Great article! Your shop is wonderful, Katie. Much success!

honeyfrog said...

Good luck with your new greeting card business! I love your cards.

Luis Garcia