Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday Feature

This week's featured artist is DebsDesign

1. Tell us about you and your shop.
I am a wife and a mother (of a 9 month old boy & a 3 year old boxer). I work in real estate by day and my husband and I run a little photography business on the side as well. I love to be outside and run when I can. I love my family & my life. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
My shop is all about paper. In it you will find anything to do with paper. Mainly lots of cards (personalized, holiday, gift tags, etc.) I love doing custom orders as they push me beyond my normal thinking and I love, love, love etsy.

2. How did you get started in your craft?
When I was on maternity leave when my baby was born, I decided I wanted to create things while he was napping. Being a card maker/scrapbooker, I would tote all my stuff upstairs and not so long after getting everything upstairs, my little baby would wake up. I decided I needed something easier to start and stop so I could be there for him readily. I started dinking around on the computer and creating designs and this is where my love for creating my cards on the computer began. I love being able to play around, and deleting something very simply is nice too!

3. What is your favorite material or tool?
Paper is my favorite material and my favorite tool is the computer & the printer, of course!

4. Where do you get your design inspiration from?
I get my inspiration from many things. Most of my creations and ideas come from spending time with family and what I think would be fun to create. I also browse around the internet. I love flickr and blogs. There are so many talented people out there and it’s inspiring to see what inspires other people. Some of my favorite blogs are:

For a list of more blogs I love, visit my blog at

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