Thursday, February 7, 2008

EtsyGreetings Anniversary Contest: Contest #5

To commemorate the 1 year anniversary of the EtsyGreetings Team, we are hosting a countdown contest. New contest activities will be posted a couple of times each week leading up to a GRAND PRIZE contest on our big day, February 14th.
Our winner is Elements by Dawn!
If this is you, please send a message with your mailing address to Pegg at her shop: Pegg Macko Designs. To do so, just click on 'contact peggmackodesigns' on the right hand side of her main shop page. Congratulations!!

PRIZE DRAWING Saturday, Feb. 9th 8p.m. EtsyTime (EST)

The prize for contest #5 is 20 items
Christmas Card with Tag
Christmas/Holiday Card
Animal/Any Occasion Card
Flower/Any Occasion Card
Happy Birthday Card
Happy Birthday Card
Dog Any Occasion Card
Coffee Photo Card
Valentine Poodles Card
I Love You Card
Poodle Any Occasion Card
Thank You Card
Baby Card
Love/Swans Card
Just for You Card
Any Occasion/Dress Card
Any Occasion/ACEO Card
Thinking of You Card
Dog/Any Occasion Card
Flower Photo Card 
Donated by various generous EtsyGreetings Members!!!

To enter the contest, simply leave a comment (at the bottom of this post) answering these questions:
1. Do you prefer handmade invitations for events?
2. Which events?
3. How much would you expect to pay for an invitation?


Amy said...

I do perfer handmade invitations for birthdays, showers and any type of party. I would expect to pay at least $3 per invitation.

Brenda Jones said...

This contest is so exciting. I just can't imagine how great it would be to get all those beautiful cards.

pammaro said...

Thanks for holding such a nice contest!
I prefer handmade invitations for any type of party/celebration,
the price I would expect to pay would depend on the amount
of invites needed; but for 12 or less up to $4 per, 12-49 no more than $3, and above that it would again depend on the occasion, preferably around $2.

Beytia5 said...

Who wouldn't prefer handmade! Especially for birthdays or baby showers. $3-4 per invitation would be ideal. Tiny cards would also be neat for about $2 each.
Kelly (Tresijas on etsy)

Leah said...

1. i prefer handmade everything.
2. events that are pretty, or not, fun or forbidden,
3. thats the problem....handmade is more expensive because it is beautiful and made with love and sweat

elenamary said...

Handmade cards for any event I would prefer..most likely $2 to $3. a card..what a great collection someone is going to win!!

althena12 said...

1> i do perfer handmade invitations
2. Brithdays and showers, pay between $2-$4 per invite.

Stephanie said...

1. I prefer handmade invitations.

2. Birthdays, showers, any type of party.

3. I always make my own invitations. If I purchased handmade invites, I would expect to pay $2-$3 per invite.

ara133photography said...

1. Do you prefer handmade invitations for events?


2. Which events?

Weddings, showers

3. How much would you expect to pay for an invitation?


BClark said...

What a very neat contest. Glad I saw about it, you have wonderful items over here.

1. I love handmade invitations, Weddings, Anniversary, Birthday, housewarmning.

2. I would imagine I would pay 3-4 dollars each for a nice card. If I were buying in bulk I would expect them for a little less.

Handmade is wonderful and unique.


Amy said...

YES! i always prefer a handmade greeding! 2. i love them for all events. i love handmade christmas cards especially. and birthday cards! they're so personal.
i would probably expect to pay anywhere from 2.50 to 5.00.

Sally said...
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pickypicky said...

Fun contest!
1-I only do hand made cards for any occasion
2-I send cards for any occasion, and any non-occasion, like just saying hi, or I miss you. I'm a snail mail hold-out!
3-I expect to pay $4-6 per card sometimes more if I have to have it
: )

Lisa said...

Handmade is always preferred. Birthdays, baby showers, weddings... whatever! For an informal invitation, I would say $4.00/card. For a more formal invitation, I wouldn't be surprised to see a cost of $8.00/card. Maybe even more.

Anonymous said...

1. Yes, anytime a handmade invitation is just so much more special of course.
2. Wedding invitations especially, also shower invites are nice for baby or bride to all the ladies, they appreciate it more than the men I think. I once did a handful for my parents 50th anniversary re-union of the wedding party using japanese papers with gold flecks for "golden".
3. I think price would depend on expense of papers used, i.e. linen vs. japanese specialty, and how much work, how many layers, how simple or complicated. I have no idea. I think $3 simple to $10 for more fancy!
Thanks for letting me play, its so interesting to read the other answers.

sweetbeans said...


1. I do prefer handmade invites...

2. for any event...I usually make my own

3. I would expect to pay anywhere from $2-$8 per invite, depending on the event, etc.


mahow said...

Handmade invites? Love it.

All kinds of parties would be a cause for handmade invites.

Preferably around $2 to $3 since it will be in bulk.

Stacy said...

I love handmade cards, and prefer them! I love to give handmade cards for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, etc. I would pay $3-5 per invitation.

Knitted Gems said...

I don't think I can contribute to your survey this time around. I'm very happily married (no plans for another wedding). I have no children (no bday parties or showers). The only invitations I ever send our are for our New Years party that we try to host every year. Last time, I just used blank "wintery" cards and wrote (calligraphy) the details inside the card.

1. No. I prefer blank cards.
2. New Years bash.
3. Since I use blank cards, I would prefer to pay $20-$30 for a 10-card set.

Like I said, you many not want to use my answers, since I'm not well-versed in the bdays and showers of the world. =)

Chureen said...

I love to do handmade Thank yous. Probably because it's the only one that I can do myself. I like handmade for other occasion as well, just never think about them in time to get them. I would pay no more than $4 for a birthday or other occasion card. P.S. Wonderful blog. Love the cards!

Jacqui said...

1. Yes
2. Birthdays, Bachelorette Parties, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Housewarming Parties
3. I would expect to pay $2-$3 per invitation.

Kellybot said...

Oh, fun!
1. I prefer handmade everything. But I prefer electronic invites for most events (still usually handmade).
2. I would use a physical handmade invite for showers and weddings. Most other events I would use an electronic invite.
3. I'd expect to pay about $2 each.

thanks! Keep up the good work!

Michelle P. said...

Wow, what a contest, these artists ROCK!
1. I definitely prefer handmade over store bought, it gives a personal, special feeling that you are loved, plus it gives me insight as to who the person is and what type of creative mind they have.
2. I love to receive invites for birthdays, showers, housewarming parties, holiday parties, we've moved notices (not really an invite, but they are nice/personal), weddings (VERY creative), retirement, anniversaries, etc....
3. I would expect to pay between $2-$5, depending on the size of the invitation and the count.
-Happy Creating!!!

VQ kim said...

handmade is Better.. always.

love to send invites to kid b-day parties.

would like to pay $2-4 each, depending on volume.
kim at

Shelby said...

I definitely prefer handmade invitations! Especially for birthdays, showers, or other special occaisons. I'd expect to pay at least $3 per invite, or more depending on embellishments.

Samantha said...

I do perfer homemade invites for any type of party. It really depends on what the invite looks like, but perhaps $2-$4.

Article Clothing said...

I definitely prefer handmade cards (and most everything else). Weddings, showers, bday parties, thank you's, bach parties, ladies night out, pretty much anything! I would expect to pay around $4 for a single handmade card.

Great contest, and beautiful work from creative artists! Buy handmade!

TallGiraffe said...

I think handmade invitations are great. I remember getting a custom one made from binder paper in high school. =) I would guess an average acceptable price for invitations would be about 10-15 bucks for 5. You normally need several so sets would be good and not too expensive since it's not part of a gift. I use handmade cards all the time for birthdays and handmade tags for christmas a lot.

My HodgePodgerie said...

Etsy Greetings rocks!!!! :)

I love making handmade cards/invitations and LOVE when people send me handmade!!!

Bdays of course, but I have received some really pretty anniversary cards.

Well, ahem... I charge $3.50. But I've also seen some kick-butt cards here on Etsy Greetings that are AWESOME for $7. You can just tell they are quality, thought-out and GORGEOUS! Totally worth it. And, of course, giving handmade cards/gifts to special people who appreciate them is even better :)

Elements by Dawn said...

1. Do you prefer handmade invitations for events? ABSOLUTELY!
2. Which events? Wedding, baby shower, bridal shower, graduation party, and home party/trunk show!
3. How much would you expect to pay for an invitation? Not more than $5 per card.

1337 Art said...

1. Do you prefer handmade invitations for events?
Handmade...they are more sentimental, and I prefer receiving cards and things that are handmade...they are much more personal.

2. Which events?
Ones you don't often hear of, such as a coffee invite, or a jewelry party or an ice cream invite. Anything really!

3. How much would you expect to pay for an invitation?
Under $5. It depends on how many I'm they come in packs?

Katharine said...

I definitely prefer handmade invitations for any and all occasions.

The prize I would expect to pay is dependent upon the occasion that the invitation is for. If it's a child's birthday party, I wouldn't want to pay more than $2-3 each. But, if it were a wedding, I would expect to pay anywhere between $5-15 depending on the work involved.

Linda SS said...

What a fabulous stash - Great prize!

I'd always prefer handmade for any and ALL events. I think $2.50 - $4.00 is a fair price and I don't think I'd exceed that price range.

lil did said...

1. Do you prefer handmade invitations for events?
Honestly, I woudln't say I "prefer" it but, this is the first time I've thought about it. It might be nice for that extra special touch though.

2. Which events?

3. How much would you expect to pay for an invitation?


cardwear said...

1.Do you prefer handmade invitations for events?

I definitely prefer handmade invitations. It is nice to have something that is unique and personalized.

2. Which events?

Birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, holiday parties, really the list goes on...

3. How much would you expect to pay for an invitation?

I think it depends on the invite, but anywhere from $2-$4 each. I would expect wedding invitations to be more, however.

jessie said...

I love handmade invitations! I prefer them for any type of event, and would expect to pay on average about $3 each.

GibbiBlue said...

1.Do you prefer handmade invitations for events?
2. Which events?
Kids Birthdays
3. How much would you expect to pay for an invitation?
$1-2 each

GibbiBlue said...

Entering again for purchasing from Transaction # 7380989 aplusastudio.
It is always fun to see the creativity of others on a similar theme.

Beadkiss said...

*We are pretty antisocial -- I never invite people over (sounds horrible!). If I were to have a shin-dig, I'd prefer handmade. :-)

*Difficult to answer, since I don't invite people over. I guess any invite-able occassion!

*I have no experience with this. It depends on the event, the quantity, and how elaborate the cards are. I'm sorry . . . I'm no help. I should go browse invitations now . . .