Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May Team Challenge - Voting

Well this month's challenge has come to an end and now it is time for the voting to commence.
I would like to thank everyone who participated in this challenge and I wish you all the best of luck.
Please be sure to tweet, blog and promote yourself, or the card you like the best.
I encourage members and readers to vote and please leave a comment to be eligible to win the card with the most votes!  This card will be sent out to you FREE OF CHARGE, so please be sure to vote and leave a comment. 
Please vote for your favorite card on the right.
The voting will close on June 6th.


Little B Bunny said...

I just voted and it was a tough choice. How can we be expected to choose from such a talented pool? Thanks for sharing everyone. AC

1CardCreator said...

Beautiful cards, these certainly are talented sellers. Good luck to all of you.

isabellaflora said...

Thanks for all the great artists who make these cards and thanks to my Dad who produced this my favorite photo. At 91 he is still going *strong*. Happy Fathers Day!!

Charlotte said...

Such a fun idea, good luck to everyone. Great cards!!

trudette, said...

Great cards , it was really hard to vote !

Beth said...

I agree that all of the cards are lovely. The card by pnkgeeni is my favorite. I love the simplicity of the overall look but appreciate the intricate details of the stitching. Also I like the use of just the letter d. I call my father Daddy so the letter d can stand for Daddy instead of Dad for me.