Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Feature: The Paper Flower Shop

1. Tell us about you and your shop.
I love paper crafts. I guess most of us here do, huh? I have always loved crafting a little something special, whether it is a card or a project made from tissue paper. The Paper Flower Shop was born not quite a year ago of a desire to share my cards with the world (my friends always liked them, why wouldn’t the rest of the world?) and to see if I could make a buck doing it. And so far, so good. The name stems from the fact that most of my designs feature a paper flower or bloom of some kind. And, the fact that I also design paper flowers in custom colors and bouquets! I am enjoying the experience of running my own business and creating unique and fun handmade items. I really love working on Etsy, and most of all I love the support and practical benefits of being a member of the EtsyGreetings Street Team.

2. How did you get started in your craft?
I was a design student for a year in college before I switched to the wonderful world of Communication Studies. I’m still glad I was “required” to buy all those awesome art supplies! I had been making cards for some time before that with anything I could get my hands on. I probably started crafting and card-making much more seriously within the last 5 years, around the time I found out about the straight edge paper cutter. (See question #3.)

3. What tool can you not live without?
I simply could never live without my straight edge cutter. I keep several back up blades on hand because I use it so often. I remember the days of trying and trying to cut in a straight fashion with scissors before I knew such a thing existed. I use it on almost all my cards in many ways, whether it is to cut the card itself or a part of the embellishment for the card. Runners up include my exacto knife and tiny tweezers, double sided adhesive, ribbon and stamps/ink.

4. What inspires you?
Anything beautiful. Baking and taking pictures of beautiful things inspires me. Listening to various podcasts while I work inspires me. Nature inspires me with its beauty, and so does a walk down the paper aisle at my local craft store. Often I am most inspired by the supplies I see in front of me. Now if I could just keep using the paper I have instead of buying more… (Every crafter’s dilemma, am I right?)

5. Name one favorite item from your store

Happy Hello Tulip Note cards

I just love these adorable little note cards!

My studio work space does not always look like this. The picture is proof that everything has a home, even if it does not often live there. I try, but honestly, I’m messy at heart :o)


Laurie said...

I have a degree in Communication AND I am messy! This just keeps getting scarier and scarier! :) I love the feature!

MirandaStamps said...

Great Feature, Sheila! Love the pic of your craft room. I should clean mine and take a picture of it so I can remember what it is SUPPOSED to look like! LOL

PussDaddy said...

I love the tulip cards,


Paper Pansy said...

Great feature! I love hearing about other crafters. It's reassuring to hear that I'm not the only messy one. If my supplies are hiding in their "place" I can't see what I have. :)

The Paper Flower Shop said...

Laurie, wow! Are we twins separated at birth?!? Thanks everyone for the compliments. I'm sorry I didn't have the guts to submit a "messy" picture, but I'm sure you can all imagine. :)