Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September Team Challenge - Postcards

This month's challenge is taking a bit of a different twist. During my travels, I love to collect postcards! I love jotting a quick note on a picturesque card and sending it off to family and friends. This is another great medium aside from the greeting cards, that allows people to connect without the use of the internet or telephone.
Team members let's see your postcards!

Team Members:
All entries will be posted on the blog on September 30th and open up to the public for voting!
The guidelines for those who wish to enter are as follows:
1. Please ensure that your entry is tagged in your shop with the tag "challengepostcard"
2. You must be prepared to send the winning card to the winning reader FREE OF CHARGE
3. Either reserve your creation in your shop, or ensure that you can produce aother one inc ase you sell it before the challenge is over (which is always a nice probelm to have?)
4. Postcards are the only accepted medium for this challenge (sorry guys!)
5. As always, ONE entry per person.
I will select your entry from your shop, based on your tag, and upload it to our blog.
Once the voting has opened up on September 30th, you are encouraged to vote and leave a comment for your favorite card. You may only vote once.
The fantastic prize will be the winning postcard. I will select a random readers' comment and they will be the lucky winner!

Have fun everyone.


BBesigns said...

Great Idea I did to get to work on some postcards

Pinky Creations said...

Wonderful! Iook forward to seeing them!

Pinky Creations said...
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Wimzie Prints said...

Just added mine last night!