Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Feature


Newborn baby births have resently boomed and blessed many homes with giggles and goo gaas.
The patter of little feet and joyfull smell of babies comes with its own challenges though. Working through many hours of work in or out of the home beeing received by a baby with colic or ear infections can be a daunting task. Daunting as children may seem conquering the challenges is as gratifying as the sound of a babys laughter. Life is not without its challenges and there never seems to be a break away from them. Amanda Coleman seems to have found the answer. Well maybe not the answer to stress but she certainly has found an outlet that has worked well for her to express and destress from the every day challenges. This outlet has created a flurry of delightful goodies in store for you. I would like to introduce to you the creatives of Amanda Coleman. Better known as Little B Bunny and this is her story.

When did you begin creating?

Little B Bunny came about as a creative outlet for me after having my first child. I am a freelance writer, stay-at-home mom and avid paper crafter. I was born in WV, but have since lived in Ohio, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey and Virginia. I now call Louisville, Kentucky home and am excited about how the city supports the handmade movement. I love paper! I enjoy making, cards, scrapbooks, handmade books, embellishments and recycling materials from other paper products. One of my goals is to make my cards so beautiful that everyone will either want to reuse them or display them after they've been given to keep more refuse out of the landfills.
I am a stay-at-home mom of a three year-old girl, as well as a cultural anthropologist. I am currently writing my doctoral dissertation on gender-based political asylum in the U.S. My etsy shop is my escape from the craziness of day-to-day life. Paper crafting, creating treasuries, listing new items in my shop, and my blog all help me to relax. My shop is named after my daughter Brennan (I opened it when she was one.), who I call both "bunny" and "little B".

You can follow Little bbunny at:

What influenced your creativity in the beginning?
I decided to make handmade gifts for Christmas of 2006. I made several scrapbooks, which got me hooked on paper crafting. I then turned to making handmade cards for family and friends for birthdays, etc. Everyone told me I should sell them, so I eventually opened my shop on etsy.
With so many great items in your shop. You must have a favorite tool that you use to create it all. What is the one tool that has won your utmost affection?
I love quilling! I could not live without my basic quilling tool kit.

What inspires your creations?

I am inspired by friends and family. I often have a particular person in mind when I am making cards for my shop.

Having many items in your shop I simply have to ask, Which item is your favorite and what inspired it?

I've always loved my deer in the forest card.My love of the outdoors inspired the deer in the forest card.

What a great way to unwind from a busy day. Theres no better way than creating. Wait there is a better way, shopping for a great card such as Amanda's Littlebbunny cards. Simply visit for your very own delightful quilled card.

Its been fun and its been real. Until next time may you have a great weekend.
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Cheryl Oz said...
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Cheryl Oz said...

I absolutely love the deer in the forest card. I love the background paper you chose and the diecuts of the deer are so darling.

Adorebynat said...

Wonderful interview! You create beautiful cards!