Thursday, July 1, 2010

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A bird as it takes flight the scent of a rose or the feel of the sunshine as it warms your face are only a few of the many simple delights that we are all graciously blessed with on the day to day basis. Spritual blessings are found in everything we see and they have inspired the creater of
as she shares her faith with us all throgh the aww inspiring words from the heavens above. We here at Etsy Greetings are pleased to share a few moments to speak to Laurie Tiscione as she shares her passions and a little background as to what makes Kingdom Kards so exquisite.

Hello Laurie, Lets start at the beginning, Tell us a little about you and your shop.
{My shop is located at}

My name is Laurie Tiscione, owner and designer of Kingdom Kards . I am wife to a wonderful husband, mother of 3 super grown children, and grandmother to 2 beautiful grandchildren. Although my family is spread out all over the United States (California, Florida, New York) I have many “adopted” children and grandchildren here in Texas at our church. My husband is the pastor, and I , of course, am the pastor’s wife. We are planting a church here in Weatherford and restoring an 104 year old church building. 20% of the earnings from the sale of my cards go to the Church Restoration Fund.

Kingdom Kards became a business after 4 years of creating and sending or giving away my cards to family and friends. The first cards were made from old family photos of my grandparents, parents, children, and me, and treasured photos of my favorite places like the beach. I love to work in black and white and sepia tones and now enjoy the added effect of color in collage and altered art. A few of the images are designs made by me or my daughter , or from public domain( for commercial use) sites.

It doesn’t take long for one to look through my shop and realize that the cards have a biblical focus, many of them having a verse from scripture as side-script or a post-script In fact, the logo for Kingdom Kards is a depiction of Psalm 103:4.

Artists are made from the heart but they find a way to share therir love for the arts. For many a simple pleasure seems to have become the very beginning to our calling.
What was the first item that you created that started you in your craft?

The first card I created was in response to a friend who was having a bit of a hard time. I used a picture of my daughter when she was little smelling a rose. It was in black and white with soft edges and colorization of the rose. I wanted to encourage her to remember to enjoy the little things in life. That began a series of birthday cards and cards of encouragement to family and friends. And, they in turn, encouraged me to continue in this journey.

With such great tools out in the market we always tend to favor one item out of our shop more than the others. What tool do you favor the most?

The tool that I can not live without is my car. OOOPs, I mean my computer. Until recently, I had been using an 8 year old computer that chugged along. You could actually hear it chugging!
Then, I sold my 22 year old Volvo and was able to buy a new computer. Since my cards are generated on the computer, it has really been a great time saver to have a new computer.
Of course, after I learned to use it!

As we see your wonderful work we can't help but notice the that you have compiled lifes elements and added a touch of faith and a grand pinch of Gods glory. Leaves me to ask,
What inspires you?

Photos of people inspire me. I love to take pictures of people, observe people, talk to people. The bible inspires me. I love to look at a photo or drawing and see how I can use an inspirational verse for that image. I love to look in different types of magazines…card making, photo, altered art in any form, clothes, photos, collages, etc.

Out of so many wonderful creations, therea always one that are most dear to us. Which is the treasure in your shop and why is it so dear to you?

I love the card of my grandfather on his tricycle in his coat and hat, and those shoes….I love it!
{ illustrated above }
May life love and faith continue to inspire us as it has Laurie of Kingdom Kards. We thank you Laurie for giving us the pleasure of your company as you share some greetings of grand delight.
God Bless as he continuously blesses everyone. ~
Sincerely, Cisne

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John said...

We love you, Ms. Laurie--from two of those adopted children and three adopted grandchildren.