Wednesday, July 7, 2010


When hearts & hands come together we get dynamic duos of life love and family. This Etsy duo is simply inspiring through the works of their hands and mutual insight of .

I'm speaking of the wonderful creatives of Isabellaflora.

A shop of colorful beauty & the botanical affection of a brush on canvas.

Art is brought to life here in the wonderfull world of Isabellaflora where

a father and daughter share their wonderful lives through the inspirations of creation.

At the beginning there was one and then there was craft hour. As time progresssed and brushes were filled with piers of color..... well I will let Eve tell her story. She tells it the best.

So tell us about yourself and your shop IsabellaFlora? How did the delights of Isabellaflora find its way to Etsy?

{It al started with} My first watercolor {which I } painted about 3 years ago when my girlfriend suggested I give it a try. I'm so glad I did!! The dreamy colors from the paint and the way they interact get me so excited!! I've always been drawn to the ethereal nature of watercolor. In the meantime, my Father, who is now 92 years old, presented me with some fantastic photos of flowers. We decided to collaborate, and have had fun ever since. He started photography in 1928 so there has been a long passion for his hobby. It started with a little black box that only took 1 image at a time. Now he has 3 digital cameras and is wizard at photoshop.

Everything beginnings somewhere, that something begins it all. What was your very first Etsy creation and what inspired it?

One of my first successful paintings was my Morning Glory. I've never had a lesson in my life but I think I inherited creative genes from both my Mother and Father.I've found that our greeting cards are a good way to share beauty with the world.

As we peer into your shop we find an array of beauty.

Where do you find your visual inspirations?

There is no question that flowers, leaves and all things botanical sparks my creativity. I am a botanist and have always been very tuned into the outside world and the plants that surround us. Flowers are a universal language.

Every creation has its own story and every creation has a special part of us with in it. What is your favorite creation in your shop?

This is difficult, but if I had to pick a favorite, then the Pink Petticoats by my Father ( I have it hanging in my bedroom so I enjoy it everyday.

As we continue to create we can't help to set goals for ourselves and our shops.

What creative goal can we expect to see incorporated into your shop?

My goal is have my cards sold in every state. I also just started to convert my watercolor images into fabric so I can also use the patterns on tote bags, purses, and scarves. It's been really exciting to see this happen.

Etsy Greetings is a truly dynamic group of visionaries with great talents. As we offer many exciting and new items to the world we have found ourselves in the best company supporters of each other. Offering great advice to one another as well as a ciber shoulder to cry on.
We contine to insight in loving advice. What is your advice to the Etsy greetings group?

The best advice I can give to everyone out there is get personal with all potential clients. This means phone calls and letters to basically stay in touch. I have met many wonderful shop owners. And.... like my Father says.... keep a positive attitude!!!!

Thanks so much for the opportunity to share my story with etsy greetings!I think this team is wonderful.
No, Thank you Eve for sharing such wonderful works of arts with not only us but the world. The love of a daughter and father holds true as it has completely been poured out into your great artisic pieces. They are wonderful insights of the inspiring bond that makes Isabellaflora delightfully wonderful. May god bless you, your father and your shop for sharing it with us.
Thank you for such a wonderul story.
Continue to inspire ~ Regret no first step ~ Follow into the dimension of many great steps toward greatness Sincerely, Cisnexpressions


KingdomKards said...

What an inspiring story! I love that you are a father-daughter team. How precious is that! I also really loved that your father at 92 is a wiz with photoshop. I still can't figure out photoshop!

Blessings to you both,
Laurie Tiscione

PussDaddy said...

Truly lovely artwork.


1CardCreator said...

Photo's truly cannot do your work justice. Your greeting cards are truly breathtakingly beautiful! I wish you all the best in your sales. ~Diane