Friday, October 15, 2010


May you have a delightful warm day on this greatly inspiring fall day from all of us here on EtsyGreetings. Well, as wonderful as friday is, here on EtsyGreetings they are twice as awesome. Why? Well because here at Etsy greetings we show love to our great team members as we get the opportunity to peer into our very own team member's shops. Now that you have been introduced to our Feature friday blog get ready to warm your hearts with gitty as magic pencils inspire the workings of this A+ artist. It is my pleasure to share with you the delightful shop of:

All I have to say is......

Ok, I lied I have more to say than wow.
but a few words from our Artist herself.
Tell us a little something about yourself. Where you from what you do and what you love.....
I am a ..... Doodling Addict & proud to be from the beautiful Pacific NW!

I have two little ones running around which are a constant source of giggles, glee and inspiration. (Convo me about Aly's "Slug Crusade" if you want a good laugh.) My Hubby, dog and garden are my other loves.

I design decorate in Portland, Oregan where I am a teacher by trade and adore it! My focus at the present is raising my girls and being a Mom. I still teach 1 1/2 days a week Computers & Technology at an amazing elementary school just down the street. Got to help put gas in the ol' Subaru.

Your color palette is cheerful and captivating for both the young and the young at heart.
You have a natural nat for the daydreamers and a great eye for artistic imagination
not to mention an awesome illustrator.

Your card creations are simply the eyes into a great picture book very well illustrated with
imaginative lines and dreamy colors.

How did your creative artistry come about?

well I... Started making cards to (as my Hubby would put it) "Do something" with all the doodles I have stacking up. Doodle for me...Is an illness. I even doodle in the carpool line. I think I need help.

Artists are not easily understood thats why we share our passions,visions and stories through our creations.
Continue to create many more great designs because
here at Etsy Greetings we celebrate our artists and their
wonderful works.

All the artwork you see here has been proudly created
Best wishes for a great weekend
your friday feature blogger, Cisne
Uniquely creative
keep it real - uniquely designed - have it handcrafted
keep it - EtsyGreetings


KingdomKards said...

Love, love, love your artwork and your lovely cards that you have made from your doodles!

What a blessing!


Iceman said...

You have some amazing greeting card designs!


Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

I love that style! I did my blog in a doodle look...but not as nice as her work!