Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ho Ho Santa Card

From Curly Willow Collections at Curly Willow Collections. Sells for $22.50/set of 10. Click on the image to be taken to the shop!

Limited Edition: Santa says, "HO HO HO!" This stitch-inspired Christmas card featuring Santa's favorite saying, "ho, ho, ho!" Celebrate the season with this 5x7 Christmas card with matching red European-inspired pointed envelope. Choose from three inside messages to convey your special message. Happy Holidays!


Jenny Garcia said...

Ho ho ho!
Christmas is here!
Santa is to bring cheer
For kids and adult
He will bring happiness and gifts.
That's my suggestion on what to write in a christmas card.
Merry Christmas!

annewalker said...

That's a wonderful card. You may add some short Christmas messages it will be a great greetings this year. Happy holidays!

annewalker said...

Very cute and fabulous card. The wording on it is cute as well. Love the christmas messages on them. Cheers!

Merry Christmas
Marilyn @