Friday, September 19, 2008

Article: Just Another Hobby

While stationery may be my first passion... metalsmithing holds a very tight race to my second. I first started metalsmithing while I was at Iowa State Unviersity. As a lover of all arts I decided to take a beginners jewelry class and fell in love. My teacher said I had a natural talent for it and every day I went to class he tried to persuade me out of my graphic design path. While I didn't jump off the ship, I did pick up jewelry making up as a hobby of mine.

As I have been really getting myself on track with my stationery business Just Another Day, something keeps calling me to have a go at the jewelry industry again. When my wedding came this past August, I had the perfect opportunity to see what I could do for my bridesmaids and I loved the results so much I decided to open a second etsy store. I referred to this AMAZING thread
that I have been saving in my favorites for as long as I can remember. If
you are really interested in starting metalsmithing these are ALL the basics
you need to start out at a small scale. So much good advice there!

After I ordered all the supplies and created my own jewelry studio in my
garage, I went to etsy and set up another shop, Beautiful Day Designs, to
see what could happen. The focus of this jewelry will be simple yet elegant.
I want the wearer to be able to wear it on their wedding day or on a night

The shop is set to debut on Oct. 1st and I hope it can be as successful as my stationery some day!


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