Monday, October 27, 2008

Article: Slow Down and Enjoy The Message

Slow Down and Enjoy The Message
by Kathyy of Kathyy's Krafts

It used to take more than a week to send someone a simple message. You'd write your message and a horse would take it across the country for you. As resources and technology has improved, so has the speed of communication. Today you can send a message within a few seconds to someone across the world. While this lightening fast communication has it's benefits, there are also times when you want to slow things down

Email, text messages, and instant message are all great ways to communicate but they a usually unidimensional (sometimes two dimensional). You can see them, sometimes hear them, but that's about it. Greeting cards and note cards, on the other hand, are multidimensional, can entice every sense and do more than just send a message. Today's greeting cards can include sounds and scents in addition to texture and text. There is something special about being able to touch, smell, see, and hear a dynamic message. It's something that you can't get in lightening fast communications. So take a moment to slow things down and enjoy the message. Etsy Greetings members off more than 3100 dymanic cards for sale at Below are just a few examples. Go ahead . . . buy a greeting card that entices your senses and captures your mind.

A Few Etsy Greetings cards with visual appeal

Wishing Shoe A Sundae from Stampingsinger

Traditional Sympathy from Posh Doodles

A Few Etsy Greetings cards with texture

Anytime from Lucky Duck Designs

Tank Ewe Berry Match from Jill Hannah

A Few Etsy Greetings cards with scent

A Beautiful Ride from Kathyy's Krafts

Polka Dot Happy Birthday from SimpleXpressions


Luis Garcia said...

Your greeting cards are beautiful! I agree ecards and email are very impersonal. Nothing beats a greeting card especially a handmade one.

Best Card Messages said...

Just as the greeting card should entice the senses, the message should be descriptive also. Use your words in your message to create a setting.