Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Feature

This week's featured shop is GreenerMe .

1.Tell us about you and your shop.

My name is Renee and I sell wedding invitations and other stationery. I love technology, cats, my family, music and business.

2.How did you get started in your craft?

Growing up, I always dreamed of owning my own business. My father has his own business and I think it is great to be prosperous through your own doing and talents. Following the holidays in 2006, I mailed out thank you cards made by myself. Everything grew from there, and I’ve been cutting and gluing ever since!

3.What is your favorite material or tool?

I would have to say my paper cutter. Kind of boring to pick, but it’s so useful and a great time saver.

4.Where do you get your design inspiration?

Sometimes I’ll wake up in the morning with an idea in my head, ready to come to life. Other times, the trial-and-error of piecing different projects together is what develops a new product. This is why I think wedding invitations is a great market for me, as every order is different and unique in some way, there is nothing better than having a muse while creating!

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