Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Giveaway from Steliedesigns

Steliedesigns from EtsyGreetings offers this beautiful card set giveaway

Stelie Designs is all about bringing simple delights to everyone who receives a handmade card or invitation. Today, I am giving away a set of 6 Avery2 blank greeting cards made with recycled paper.

To enter just leave a comment noting what do you do to help the environment? For example, I use recycled papers to make my products and I use environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Be sure to include your Etsy shop address or an email where you can be contacted if you are the winner. One winner will be randomly selected from all comments posted on the morning of January 31, 2009. The winning number will be posted in the comments section and the winner contacted by the artist.

Look for more Giveaways from the EtsyGreetings team in February


Lucky Duck Designs said...

Oooh ... I love this giveaway! I just started sewing cloth napkins to reduce our use of paper napkins! You can see them in my Etsy shop (#2):

Anonymous said...

I've been trying to use less paper towels and use sponges more! Also, I try to wash clothes on cold water, and dry in low heat! Thanks so much!

Casey said...

I love to use the canvas shopping bags. They fit so much more. I can go to target at fit a cart full into 3 bags. I also try to recycle junk mail instead of throwing it away. Thanks for the giveaway!

Casey said... forgot to leave my email.

Heidi J Selch said...

Your work is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!
We replaced all our lightbulbs, I use my recyclable bags for everything from shopping, to library trips. I also am a freak about reusing those 1 gallon freezer bags, I make pizza dough bases, and freeze them in the bags and reuse them.


Stacie said...

I don't use paper towels or harsh chemicals to clean with anymore.

Rebecca said...

I bought a water bottle with a built in filter. Now I no longer buy the big crates of bottled water that I used to, which is much better for our environment! It is great, I always keep it with me and I can fill it up anywhere. For those of you interested check this out:
I bought mine at Target.

Sarah said...

I don't use napkins, I use my sleeves. :)

Seriously though, I love trying to use 100% recycled materials for my greeting cards in my etsy shop. Biodegradable and repurposed materials are prime, too (especially in packaging).

At home, I'm gradually making the move to all-organic and locally produced foods. We keep the heat down and turn off lights, and make sure to replace burnt light bulbs with energy efficient ones.

There are so many ways to be "green"... and most of them are easy, save you money, and promote better health!

Tart Deco said...

Great giveaway idea! In my shop ( I use vintage items that would normally be thrown away, like single earrings or flowers from hats that are damaged.

For my wedding ( I am making my dress and bolero from thrift store dresses, my hat from a vintage hat and veil, using vintage shoes and jewelry and having my corset made using my mother's wedding dress.

In everyday life, I use earth friendly cleaning products and lightbulbs, hybrid batteries and never throw any clothes out ever.

Andrea said...
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Genelle said...

You are so talented! The colors you use are so vivid! How do I stay green? I use fabric napkins (just like Grandma used to), I use a mesh coffee filter instead of paper filters, I make my cleaning solutions, I was my clothes in large loads usually in cold water, I don't buy bottled water, I recycle parts of greeting cards, I use canvas shopping bags, etc. I could go on & on! I love doing my part to keep the environment "green". Thanks for sharing your talents and for offering this giveaway!

H.S. said...

I try to switch off all the lights when im not in a certain room of my house.


mel*~reachforthestars~* said...

I reuse papers which i use on one side to write notes on the other side. I have collected one whole pile next to my chair!

Thanks for the giveaway!

mel_88_88 at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I use the plastic bags i get from shopping to reuse them as waste bins for my rubbish. Pretty useful!


Stelie Designs said...

Lucky Duck, it's your lucky day! You are the winner.

Thank you to everyone for such inspiring comments. It really is the little things that make a difference in our world.