Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Article: A Haiku for Spring

Thanks to OrangeCatArt for putting together this great representation of Spring! Three verses of the Haiku are stated and then one of the EtsyGreetings members' cards is shown below.

Spring (8 Haiku)
by Ben Gieske

spring breezes
blowing bubbles
puppy tails

Wonder by HumanInterest

spring breezes
whispering now
our secret

Pink Dogwood Blossoms by orangecatart

spring wind
sail boats in the fountain
my first kite

Flight of Fancy by LemonStPhotography

spring wind
Easter dresses
white flashes

Girl and flowers by MagnolijaART

spring wind
foul air
circus in town

The Big Top by bomobob

spring wind
gazebo gone
April fool

Mystical by SherriConley

spring wind
kite in the sky
pulling my hand

Red Kite by petuniaz

spring night
our last dance
song without end

oh for spring again by buckscountyframes


PussDaddy said...

Very clever. Nice pictures, too. I love the bubbles.


Anonymous said...

it's sooo nice !in school i have too get a poem about spring i will get yours!