Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Team Challenge - Mother's Day

                          Courtesy of twiddlestix

Happy April Fool's Day to everyone!
I realize that today is the day when you try to fool someone into beleiving somthing that mayor may not be true, but this month's team challenge is no joke!
May 10th, 2009 is Mother's Day, so what better way to celebrate this wonderful day than with a challenge.
Here are a few facts:
Mother's Day holiday, in the United States and Canada, celebrates motherhood generally and the postitive contributions of mothers to society. 
excert from wikipedia, now you know!
Team Members:
All entries will be posted on the blog on April 26th and then opened up to the public for voting.
The guidelines for those who wish to participate are as follows
1. Please ensure that your entry is tagged in you shop with the tag "challengemother"
2. Be prepared to send the winning card to the reader FREE OF CHARGE
3. Either reserve your creation in your shop, so it does not get sold, or be sure that you can re-create your entry if sold.
4. Greeting cards, tags, and/or stickers are welcomed
5. One enry per person
I will select your card from your shop on April 26th and upload it to our blog.
The voting will open up on April 26th and you are encouraged to vote for your favorite card as well as leave a comment in order to be eligeble to win the exciting prize.
The card with the most votes will be the winner and a reader will be selected at random from the comments to win that card.  The card will be shipped to you FREE OF CHARGE from the winning shop.
Good luck and have fun!

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