Monday, May 18, 2009

Frog Note Card Set

This week's giveaway is from Jumping Jack Designs

Personalized Frog Note Cards {set of eight}

Please leave a comment with a kid friendly joke. Be sure it's a good one... the comment that makes my five year old son laugh the hardest will be the winner. Here's a sample: Why did the booger cross the road? 'Cuz everyone was pickin' on him!

About our work:
We are a small, family run stationery design studio in Reno, Nevada. We create uniquely simple and artistic paper goods through the creative use of color, original artwork and beautiful papers.

A winner will be randomly selected on the morning of May 21st


Molly said...

Question: Why was six afraid of seven?

Answer: Because seven ate nine.

Kelli said...

Question: Why did the elephant cross the road?

Answer: Because it was the chicken's day off ;-)

My boys love that one!

Angie said...

Thanks for the jokes! I will be testing them out this afternoon. I hope to see more!

Cara said...

Cute! I tweeted this, maybe you'll get some more jokes. My kids like this one...

What did the dog say to the tree? Bark.

Angie said...

And the winner is... KELLI! Congratulations! My kids are really into chickens + sarcasm so you were the clear winner. Thanks to everyone for posting, your jokes will go to good use!