Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Feature

This week's featured seller is StudioFlowerPower.

1. Tell us about you and your shop.

Hi I’m Jackie, a single multi-tasking mom to a 9 year old angel. I make my very small living selling my greeting cards with real pressed flowers to boutiques across Canada. You can imagine between all the flower pressing I do, and design, production, sales, etc…I am not always as active on the Etsy Greetings Team as I wish to be.

I think creating art with pressed flowers is an art that has stagnated a bit over time and I like to think that I succeed in putting a breath of fresh air into this ancient craft!!

My shop presently sells my greeting cards with real pressed flowers . They are not prints; EACH card is made with real flowers. The cards are protected with a special film so that the flowers do not crumble off.

I am working on larger original pieces intended for framing (8.5” x 11”).

2. How did you get started in your craft?

I started experimenting with flower pressing about 10 years ago I started pressing the flowers with art in mind. I did a lot of research into flower pressing art and found that it lacked a bit of imagination so I thought it would be my goal to try and modernize things a bit.

3. What is your favorite material or tool?

Obviously flowers!! I love as the years go on that my pressed flower collection grows; it allows me to to try out new ideas all the time.
I also like working with papers and have recently been trying out stamping and “rubbings”.
I have recently been obsessed with old children’s books, encyclopedias etc. Sometimes I think I have too many ideas in my head!! Presently I am working on combining decoupage with the real flowers.

4. Where do you get your design inspiration from?

I truly believe inspiration is all around us, you just have to look for it sometimes.
I get inspiration from so many things; nature and art I guess are the two biggies. I just try and look at everything a little outside of the box and always with my flowers in mind…
I look at a lot of art books, from classic to contemporary. I surf the web looking at other artists be it etsy, myspace, art sites, pressed flowers artists etc…I am constantly amazed at all the talent out there!
Just open your eyes the inspiration is there!

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