Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Honeybeedesign starts June's Giveaways

Honeybeedesign is offering these cute cards to begin June's giveaways. There are 10 Folded cards 3 1/5" x 5" along with envelopes. See below on how to enter. Also please take a look at Honeybeedesign's shop to see more of her beautiful work.

About The Artist:
I am a full time marketing and graphic design professional for an architecture firm in Minneapolis. I design custom wedding invitation sets, personal stationary and note sets, birth announcements and invitations. Inspired by clean modern design, geometric shapes, and bold colors my collection includes products for all of life’s occasions. I use recycled paper, and earth friendly inks whenever possible.

When I’m not designing or obsessing over ideas, I keep busy taking care of Lulu, my beloved orange tabby, hanging out with friends, listening to music/going to shows, cooking, baking, and planning soirees that require invitations, cooking, baking, listening to music, and hanging out with friends!

How To Enter:
It's my birthday on June 2nd, but you get the gift - leave a comment about your favorite birthday memory and I will select the winner at random. The winner will be selected on the evening of Friday, June 5th.


Anonymous said...

My favorite birthday memory is from this year--I became a new mom just a couple of weeks prior! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

Flower said...

Wow, a favorite birthday memory?

Well, I'd have to choose my childhood birthdays spent with my wonderful maternal grandfather. Those memories I cherish a great deal since he passed away a few years ago.

Plus, since the age of around 12 ... people either forgot my birthday or didn't do much for it at all LOL Nowadays, I'm just happy if people remember!

Beth said...

My favorite birthday memory . . . on my 18th birthday, my best friends kidnapped me for a surprise birthday party at our favorite restaurant. They put a blindfold on me and tried to drive me around so I would not know where we were going. I was presented with a lovely Barbie party hat to wear. I had a great time that night. My friends put a lot of effort into planning the surprise and I felt very special that day.

Jessica said...

Thanks everyone for participating! I hope you enjoyed reflecting on your favorite birthday memory. I suppose it is only fair for me to tell you mine. On my seventh birthday I got a Care Bear and Micky and Minnie Rollerskates. I through those rollerskates on and my mom and dad had to drag me in the gouse kicking and screaming when the streetlights came on. Ahh, don't you miss being a kid?

My random selection was for Linda of "Linda and Greg". Email me your details at and I will send your notes out straight away!

Thanks to everyone for particpating. Please stop by to check out the fun items in my shop, and let me know if you have any special requests - I (Heart) custom orders!

Have a great weekend!