Monday, September 7, 2009


created by: birdtracks

Beautiful, just beautiful. That is what I say when I see the cards that are made by you. God has given out some gifts of creativity and it is definitely being put to work. When I make cards, I think they are nice, but then I see what you have made and I marvel at your beautiful gift to create, and you share this gift with all of us. Thank you....

Many of you are also gifted in the area of organization. Not just keeping your work area clean, but keeping your life organized. Children are being raised, Husbands tended to, Wives are being loved, all the while you find the time to create. I guess when you have a passion nothing will keep you from your crafting station.

I remarried in 2000. My husband and I are empty nesters so I have the time to sit in my craft space, as my husband calls it, and work for as long as I care to. And that is usually two to three hours a day. I am getting ready for a local festival here in town so I am making cards and sewing like crazy. I know how valuable my time is and sometimes how fast time passes. Especially when your in the middle of making something and you have to stop and go somewhere. I just want to stay and play. So whether we have children that need our attention or husbands to take care of or dinner to cook or wash to fold. Never fear... We will make time to do what we like to do. Use our God given talent and CREATE.

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CardsByEmily said...

What a thoughtful and encouraging post - thank you!