Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bargain Supply Shopping

by: Stephanie of Parker's Prints

Recent economic times have gotten me shopping at more discount stores than I shop at regular stores. During my shopping trips, I was surprised to find paper crafting supplies at these locations that I always viewed as home & clothing stores. I figured, regardless if you are on a budget or not, we are all selling on Etsy with the hopes of a profit. The less you spend on supplies, the more you make. Next time you are shopping, check out some of these stores, you will be surprised at what you may find!

Here are stores I frequent, a few top brands I find there, & a few pictures of some my amazing finds.

Places to check out
(Click for store locators)

Just a few brands I have seen & love to see at these places:
American Crafts
EK Success
Martha Stewart
We R Memory Keepers
Cutter Bee
K&I Memories
Making Memories
GCD Studios

Check out some of my fabulous finds:

I hope this post helps save you & your shop some money and is of use! Best wishes for continued success in your sales!


Cisne said...

Great post. I have found many items in these same stores. I haven't stopped by biglots but I sure will not strike it from my list. Wow Martha Stewart at Biglots. Thats great!
I wanted to share a great find as well. Please visit to see what it is. It is the world of Fanciful Twist

Kingdomkards said...

Thanks for the great information! I really appreciate seeing all the finds, too!
I have found a number of books of paper at Ross, also. And, if you look in Michael's clearance section they sometimes have great deals on books of Martha Stewart paper.

PussDaddy said...

It pays to shop around.


Cisne said...

Sellers looking for another trade secret to find great items. follow the white rabbit to

Molly said...

A terrific article! Thanks so much for sharing!

Joy said...

Love this post! Thanks so much for sharing!

QuirkynBerkeley said...

Great article, and good information. I'll be sure to check around a little more. Especially love the clearance section at Michael's.

BayBreezeDesigns said...

Great article and thanks so much for the tips. I knew about some of the stores, but not all!

TRush said...

Ah, the timing of this article is just perfect as I had just bought a load of Martha Stewart rub-ons from Big Lots. Unfortunately, they were total *junk* and wouldn't rub on as needed. So fellow bargain hunters: pass on the MS rub ons at Big Lots!