Friday, June 25, 2010

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July " Trade Secrets "

I just came from a wonderful post of much Value. How Do You Measure Product Value vs. Trade Equity?-by MCatherine over at . It brought up a great point and a crazy Mad yet brilliant idea over value. Woah! Will Robbinson, slow your role and take control?

Were simply MAD here therefore its accepted, proceed in deed.

Well, have you stepped into the light and really thought about the value of your product? Take into consideration the time it takes to create, package and ship your product. The customer service of following up and all contingent efforts to be known as a good seller are also important. Add all those things to the mix and then price your item. Step out of your skin and look at your item as a consumer. Would you pay the ticket price for your item?
Great question, Quisas? (Latin for maybe).
Well we all know that value is of great importance and is primarily based on how the item is cherished. It’s unfortunate that there are a few that don’t capture value in its true form, sentiment. Therefore you must have answered undoubtedly yes.

Here is a take on Sentiment value. These items are utmost importance
They are as precious as the items that grandmothers store in their armoire. Many items as insignificant as they may seem hold a priceless significance to us. My “dear to my heart” item came from a candy vending machine. Dear not for its nickel and dime value but for the sentiment it carries. A mere quarter size, red, rubber, beetle was given to me by my precious daughter dear when she was a yee toddler. It welcomes my travels softens my Monday{s} and warms me on those cold and dreary days as it sits on my speedometer whispering slow down and smell the roses.

As tender as that item is to me, I don’t speak of it to avoid it losing its magic. For you see we are all just simply Mad here and magic is the best thing to feel. We must bottle it up and retain it for as long as possible.

Well, I showed you mine now show me yours?
What is your dear to heart possession? Please do tell, Why is it so dear?

Since we are on the subject of valuable items I would like to take a time out for tea so that I can welcome you to the idea that this article bloomed.
Well, being that July is observed for liberty then free yourselves from all inhibitions and trade. “Trade Secrets” is name of the game. Value an item! Trade for it. Go tribal, go liberal, go get it !!

If you would like to participate please do so and let us know at
so we can browse through your cherished items as well as we offer ours to you. Those open to participate please say YAY! and include the following

{ Comment on what delectable items you hold in your shop and let us know where to find these awesome items leave your shop link or website address along with a blog address if you so choose}

The blog, my dear, is for us to follow you as you in turn follow us. I see you typing at lights speed but
Slow Will Robinson! Only those open to participate will be found listed on my blog. Look forward to a great July of “Trade Secrets”. Don’t keep it secret Mad Teas isn’t just for me you see. Madness should fluster in great big numbers and spread sugary sweetness to all.
Please do share everywhere.

Sharing often, shy sparingly and always craft cheerfully
~ Cisne ~

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