Thursday, June 10, 2010

Friday Feature


Friday is the day to unwind and leave the week behind as we slip in our yoga pants and lather in sunscreen for our morning walk. This morning we take a walk around the Etsy Greetings block around the lily pond between the rosy creek and into the shop of one of our fabulous neighbors. A Double take you shall make in this bright eyed colorful shop of not one but two fabulous designers.

Margie was so kind to invite us and our cup of joe(coffee) as she shows us around her shop and tells us a little about her and her sister and the magic that they hold in their shop. If you would like to ask any questions or have any comments for Left & Right Creations or myself please by all means feel free to do so at the end of our visit.
Thank you!

Hi Margie! Thank you for allowing us to visit. I’ve peered into your shop and I loved it but for those that haven’t we should start at the beginning. So tells us a little about yourself .

{Well} We're a creative sister duo! Sharon is a fifth grade teacher and I (Margie) am a graphic designer by day. We've both been making cards on our own for years. Sharon likes to come up with unique shapes and moveable cards. I started making cards because I could never find exactly what I wanted in the store and thought, "Why not just make my own?" I enjoy layering papers, ribbons and embellishments on my card designs. Once I discovered Etsy, I realized we should combine our efforts and Left & Right Creations was born!

So, How did you get started in your craft?

Sharon and I have always been creating. Our parents and grandmother taught us many crafts. I can't even begin to list all the crafts we've done! As kids, we would elaborately decorate our bedroom for every major holiday. Paper crafting has been a favorite since those days.

Wonderful memories sounds like you all had your fare share of projects. With so many projects you must have a collection of tools. In your collection of tools which tool is your absolute favorite?

I would go crazy without my Tonic Studios Guillotine Paper Trimmer. It's the best trimmer! We use it constantly.

Wow that’s a long name. Kuddos for being able to say that all fast like that.
Well as I see many wonderful items in your shop. I have to ask. I know you asked me not to but do I ask everyone only the toughest question you can ask. What inspires you?

We're both inspired by nature. A walk in the woods always recharges the creative spirit. We also find inspiration in the atmosphere of celebration.

Everyone Loves a party, indeed yes celebrations rock.
Speaking of celebrations I would like to take the this time to remind everyone of Fathers Day. Oh yes and we must not forget our vivacious Graduates. Now back to our regularly scheduled broadcast. Well, Sharon, I see you carry many cards for many occasions and celebrations If you had to narrow it down to one item in your shop which one would be your favorite?

It's so hard to pick just one! We're quite proud of our flower shaped cards. Sharon originally designed this one and made it out of purple construction paper for my birthday one year. We've taken it to a new level using patterned paper and more sophisticated techniques.

There you have it folks, the magic behind the curtains of Right & Left
I want to Thank you Margie and Sharon for making time for us as you share your life, shop and creativeness with all of us. Until next time. Be Safe and have a great weekend everyone.

Its been fun and its been real. Signing off ~ Cisne

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Molly said...

Great feature! Some really creative cards here!
Thanks so much for sharing...